Why? The Question and the Funnel

The Question

We often ask ourselves “Why?” Why this? Why that? Why now? Why me?

These wonderings usually involve extreme impact of some kind:

• Why did I lose my job?
• Why did my child get sick?
• Why didn’t I foresee losing my retirement money in the stock market?
• Why was the timing of the auto accident so soon after the death of my father?
• Why does my longtime acquaintance seem disinterested in continuing our friendship?
• Why have there been a string of circumstances that have evaporated the solid foundation of my life?
• Why has my business so completely changed that I have no reliable monthly income?

Although it’s common to wonder about the whys of life, this exploration is the ultimate distraction. In the end, if you had the answer to the question, would it matter? Does knowing change anything? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Why is it a distraction? Because it only prolongs the inevitable: taking the next step toward regaining your soulful stability; your groundedness; the conscious creation of that which positions you securely in your personal power.

I submit that the only why question worthy of your attention is: Why not?

That leads me to…The Funnel

If you go outside, turn your face toward the heavens and lift your arms, your body forms a Y. This is the ultimate representation of surrender, willingness, openness or welcoming, depending on your mindset and heartset.

Do you realize that this is also the shape of a funnel? From this position, the Universe can pour its very essence directly into you: all that is goodness, abundance, opportunity, joy, etc. Amassing in the ether and narrowing into a direct stream, if you are open and allow this influx directly from Source, you can be transformed.

When you look at the vastness of the sky, and allow yourself to be engulfed, you are too transfixed by the magnitude to wonder why this? or why that? You don’t have answers to the questions of why me? or why now?, but you don’t need them. When you really think about it, all of that is irrelevant in the grand scope of all that is. Besides, you may never know anyway, so why even pose the question? Why invest the time and energy in something that simply is? Instead, allow whatever is to be okay as-is.

The next time your mind naturally goes to the question of why?, consciously shift it to why not?:

• Why not embrace what is?
• Why not allow myself to surrender to my current circumstances?
• Why not operate from a position of knowing that all is well, regardless of external situations?
• Why not pursue my biggest dreams?
• Why not give myself the gift of all that is accessible?
• Why not be grateful for the events in my life, especially when I don’t understand why?
• Why not try something new?
• Why not completely change my perspective to view life as a process?
• Why not admit I don’t know everything?
• Why not treat myself with the kindness I gladly give to others?